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Welcome to FANAR, Qatar Islamic Cultural Center’s Official Website.

FANAR was chosen as our name because of our high-profile mission; to act as a guiding light to whole of mankind, and to help all non-Arabs to have a better understanding of Islam and culture of Qatar.

FANAR is governmental organization that presents culture to all world through a varity of activites such as Exhibitions, tours of the centre, visits to the mosque and Arabic language Courses.

FANAR is a Qatari milestone, known for its Islamically inspired architectural designs and amazing ornaments with a beautiful outlook of the city Doha. From the rich Qatari heritage of sailing at large, the lighthouse was a tangible way of returning to land safely.

FANAR now uses this exact metaphor to act as a beacon of light to humanity, hoping to present culture to feed and nurture the soul


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  • Fatwa

    Ask "The People of the Reminder" if you don't know,

    Fatwa in Urdu: 44250100 | Pashto: 44250103 | Bengali: 44250101 | Hindi: 44250105 | Malayalam : 44250102

  • Friday prayer

    Friday at Fanar's mosque offers the many non-Arabic speakers in Qatar the chance to hear the khutbah (Friday sermon) in English. For the non-Muslim community who wish to listen, and are worried about the protocols, please contact us so that we may arrange to meet you before the prayer!, Watch Fridays Khutba

  • Arabic courses

    As it is the dream of every newcomer to Qatar to learn the Arabic language, Fanar has developed a unique curriculum to facilitate its students in reading, writing and conversation in only a few short weeks. Course online registration

  • Free Islamic books

    Fanar is pleased and privileged to make available many books in different languages; most notably its own publication entitled 'Understanding Islam,' which is now available in 6 languages: English, Tagalog, Spanish, French, Hindi and Czech. Fanar will deliver these anywhere in Qatar for free.

  • Publications

    Download any of Fanar books, prints, lessons or annual reports in pdf format. Publication sections

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Understanding Islam

understanding islam